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Antispam technologies: secure mail for people and business

It is difficult to find an email user who has never received any kind of spam. Some get mail from dubious correspondents in their inboxes from time to time, and others have to purge hundreds of those messages every day. Mass mailing is a serious problem not just because it consumes time and physical resources for the process of sorting emails, but also because they are a frequent source of malicious content. One infamous example of cyberweapons – Duqu Trojan – infects systems after an apparently harmless text document has been opened, thereby exploiting a vulnerable system. Moreover, attackers actively use the so-called spearphishing method (targeted mailing with a fake sender’s address to a specific list of email addresses) to penetrate the targeted organization’s infrastructure. This sort of an attack was implemented in the APT “Hellsing“, when cybercriminals delivered malware via targeted emails with attachments.

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Технологии Antispam: безопасная корреспонденция для людей и бизнеса

Технологии Antispam: безопасная корреспонденция для людей и бизнеса

Сегодня трудно найти пользователя, который никогда не сталкивался с каким-либо видом спама. Кому-то на электронный почтовый ящик время от времени сваливаются письма от сомнительных адресатов, а кто-то каждый день разбирает сотни подобных писем. Массовые рассылки являются серьезной проблемой не только потому, что они требуют временных и физических ресурсов в процессе сортировки писем электронной почты, но и потому, что очень часто являются источником вредоносного контента.

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Backdoors in D-Link’s backyard: Multiple vulnerabilities in D-Link DIR-620 router. If you are Airbnb-host planning to rent your property for #FIFA18 keep in mind this information to make hardening of your network.

Back to Istanbul to speak about 0days in IoT and Connected Medicine at #NOPcon

Do not stop - one spark is enough to burn down the whole forest. Same way, I believe, we spread knowledge and raise awareness. #KLMETA

Looking back on the day that @JacobyDavid and @difezza made me play network defender and look at security via the #IoT at #TheSAS2018 on the @kaspersky blog

I found critical vulnerabilities in D-Link routers:
Officially: the only way to eliminate these vulnerabilities is to replace the hardware. Not officially: restrict access to the telnet and web-dashboard. Report is coming.

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