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Подкаст: банковские угрозы — от кражи переменных кодов до взлома банкоматов

Kaspersky Daily Podcast

Гость нашего подкаста, ведущий антивирусный эксперт «Лаборатории Касперского» Сергей Голованов, рассказывает об уловках злоумышленников, направленных на кражу банковских реквизитов с дальнейшим воровством самих денег. К сожалению, под угрозой не только компьютеры пользователей, но и терминалы оплаты и даже банкоматы.

Загрузить подкаст Kaspersky Daily — банковские угрозы с Сергеем Головановым.

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One more backdoor in D-Link DIR-620 (RevG) #CVE201812676
As I mentioned, #CVE201812677 exposures a config-file. I found there the strange account with “support<substring>”. The creds for web-dashboard are hardcoded for ISP support purposes.
Update and restore to factory settings

Thank you #ISCR2018 for the opportunity to share an expertise with the high-motivated audience. Probably, it will change something in their way of thinking. Anyway, the gift from Tokyo Cybercrimes Control Division gives me hope.

Next week at Seoul I will present at "International Symposium on Cybercrime Response" the following topic: “Tracking Cybercrime in IoThreat Era”. Within the presentation I will focus on IoT-related issues on perimeter, how to identify them and how to mislead the attacker.

New vulnerabilities in D-Link DIR-620 (RevG).
#CVE201812677 exposes all user credentials in config-file (plaintext) inside the firmware. It wouldn’t be so critical if part of the file was not stored in JS-variable, that available for unauthenticated user (#CVE201812419).

Tiesto, Aphrodite, SubFocus and... Denis. Still about #cybersecurity in Technology track. In case of emergency will sing something. #alfafuturepeople #AFP2018

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