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Точка зрения: Hacker Halted 2015

«Пройдемте со мной» — говорит один из офицеров и указывает пальцем на коридор с множеством маленьких комнат для допроса.

— Цель визита?

– Выступление на конференции Hacker Halted 2015.

— Конечный пункт назначения?

– Атланта, Штат Джорджия…

После получасовой беседы нам возвращают багаж, и мы выходим из аэропорта, где нас встречают раскаленный воздух и джетлаг. Добро пожаловать в США.

Точка зрения: Hacker Halted 2015

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Point of view: Hacker Halted 2015

“This way please,” says one of the officers pointing to a corridor lined with small rooms for interrogation.

“Purpose of your visit?”

“I’m a speaker at the Hacker Halted 2015 conference.”

“Final destination?”

“Atlanta, Georgia…”

After a half-hour conversation, we get our luggage back, leave the airport and then we’re hit by the hot air and jet lag. Welcome to the United States.

Point of view: Hacker Halted 2015

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PHDays V: Где заканчивается анонимность в анонимных сетях

Тема деанонимизации пользователя в даркнете становится все более актуальной. В докладе, опубликованном на международном форуме по практической информационной безопасности PHDays V, рассмотрены методы эксплуатации уязвимостей onion-ресурсов и некоторых недостатков конфигурации, которые позволяют получить информацию о пользователе Tor. Continue reading

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Uncovering Tor users: where anonymity ends in the Darknet

Uncovering Tor users: where anonymity ends in the Darknet

Unlike conventional World Wide Web technologies, the Tor Darknet onion routing technologies give users a real chance to remain anonymous. Many users have jumped at this chance – some did so to protect themselves or out of curiosity, while others developed a false sense of impunity, and saw an opportunity to do clandestine business anonymously: selling banned goods, distributing illegal content, etc. However, further developments, such as the detention of the maker of the Silk Road site, have conclusively demonstrated that these businesses were less anonymous than most assumed. Continue reading

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Proud to be part of Jury for #Kaspersky Academy Partner Summit and Secure’IT Cup challenge. It’s an opportunity to bring together really amazing projects with nontrivial and non-academic vision of our insecure lifestyle. Hey, if you’re a finalist, ping me.

Glad to be a music partner of @ZeroNights! This year music producers of @ActOrchestra prepared an exclusive music set and soundtrack for the cyber security event.

#KLNext #Podcast Series 1 of 7 - Episode 121 – Looking into a black mirror: What hackers could do with your memories - interview with University of Oxford Laurie Pycroft and Kaspersky Lab Dmitry Galov and @difezza #brainimplants #BCI #cybersecurity

After review of D-Link router, the vendor shared with us the "high-end device with actual technology stack” and allowed to perform security assessment. It’s good sign that D-Link on the right way. And here’s a good sign, we on the right way too. 🙂

Stored XSS almost in all home routers around us. From quite popular and outdated Netgear that allows to organize persistence even after restoring to factory settings, to recently released Keenetic Air. Playing with @kaato137 with the devices, we're worrying about rental property.

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